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LUMEN is a high-end, contemporary, stylish and unique publishing venture of the region, which offers relevant content to the business community related to the possible developments of the market, potential investments and cross-section of the current situation, with a focus on projects that are inspiring by its success rate.

LUMEN publication oversees the momentum we live in and the business environment that creates new and exciting challenges.

The tagline, ‘Business class experience’ speaks clearly of the interest group and the level of its quality.

The letters that form the name, give us the introduction to it’s content.

L – Living, U – Uber, M – Markets, E – Experience, N – Noted

The strength of Lumen is in its power to inspire, mobilize and motivate, by recording and monitoring the benefits and qualities of the moment and finding interesting topics and phenomena of our everyday business.

LUMEN team is consisting of experts, award-winning journalist and authors with strong and authentic perspectives, all firmly guided with bespoke creative direction and editorial integrity.

The visual societies we live in demands of the content and design to equally carry the overall impression of the publication. The strength of the content must correspond with the quality of design and vice versa.

The publication is published four times a year and cannot be found in free sale.