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Domestic payments

Does your Company execute a large number of daily or occasional domestic payment transactions? Or do you engage in many cash transactions?

We offer fast and reliable domestic payment services with the option of using modern banking channels.

  • If you need quick, reliable and efficient payment services, you can open a local currency accounts with mirabank.
  • In order to ensure maximum security and efficiencyfor daily business payment transactions, you can effect non-cash payments.
  • Unless you need to react quickly and make urgent payments, these can be implemented through RTGS.
  • When you are unable to come to the Bank, you canpay at your convenience directly from your office using e-banking.
  • In addition, information regarding the status of your account and turnover is available via e-banking.
  • If you want an account statement to be issued to you so that you can check your status, we have various options available for fulfilling your request.